About Rob

I was elected as Deputy Mayor Launceston City Council November 2014 and re elected as an Alderman in the same election.I am the Chairperson of the Heritage Forest Committee, the Chairperson of the Northbank Committee, the Chairperson of the Australia Day Awards Committee, the Chairperson of the Sister Cities Committee [Taiyuan, Napa and Ikeda], a member of the Strategic Planning and Policy Committee, and the General Managers Contract and Performance Review Committee.

I was first elected as Alderman of the Launceston City Council in October 2009.I was a member of the Strategic Planning and Policy Committee,the Sister Cities Committee [Taiyuan, Napa and Ikeda], the Northbank Committee,the Finance and Audit Committee and the Economic Development Committee.

I'm 49 years old and have had 24 years as a teacher working in schools from Kindergarten through to University level. I have a 20 year old son named Jack. I hold two university degrees and have a fair share of common sense that comes from being an active and involved member of our community. This has helped me enormously in my work as Alderman as I have managed to help many people with many issues. I am a fighter and stand up to be counted for residents on issues that matter– I help them get things done. I love living in Launceston and want a secure future here for my family as well as for yours.

I have been heavily involved in my community because I believe that communities are built on the efforts of all of us- if everyone contributed in some way then our community can be an amazing place where anything is possible to achieve. I bring over 24 years of leadership experience as a senior teacher in the Tasmanian government school system combined with my work as a Board member on a large credit union. In tough economic times, we need strong and experienced leadership and my extensive experience in education, work, community and council sectors will enable me to be an effective leader and a strong voice for you in getting things done.

I was the Deputy Chairperson of the Kings Meadows High School Association Inc, the President of the Launceston Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc and an elected delegate to National Conferences and Public Education Delegations representing Tasmanian teachers and the interests of the Tasmanian education community. I was an elected director of Connect [ later to be MyState]Financial credit union where I undertook a significant amount of study relating to business and finance. From November 2011-November 2013 I was elected to the University of Tasmania Alumni Committee- This is the organisation of UTAS graduates. We are in touch with approximately 52,000 graduates (alumni) around the world.

I place an enormous value on family and on hard work to achieve results whether they be at school, in relationships, in the community or in public policy making and implementation . My critics would say I'm stubborn and don’t give in easily but I see that as a strength in making sure tasks are completed; tenacious is a better word than stubborn !! I believe a quality education is fundamental to success in life and I vigorously fight for increased education funding for Tasmanian education.Education is the key to success in the world we live in so it must be well funded and well resourced.

It is my firm belief that the best politicians, irrespective of political persuasion are those who have shown a commitment to their community prior to running for office. I believe this is my greatest strength as an Alderman; the people I have worked with can testify to my enthusiasm, effectiveness and sound work ethic whether it be in my professional working life, in sports and community life or in any of the personal interest groups I contribute to as a volunteer or parent helper.